Previously Occupied: an exhibition of sculptural installations by Virginia Maksymowicz
Art on the Avenue Gallery, Philadelphia, November 2011


Homeless Woman Kills Wall Street Financier, 1987 (illustrated above, detail)
Two black, scroll-like, paper panels with texts, white gesso-painted male and female torso reliefs,
based on newspaper accounts of a murder on lower Broadway; it uses the anonymity of its subjects
to contrast the powerful and the powerless. Paper, pencil, handmade paper, gesso, each panel: 8'h, 4'w, 12"d..

The Bottom Line, 1983
A series of rear-ends, collaged bureaucratic forms and institutional floor tiles in an installation about art,
lotteries and unemployment. Handmade paper, spray paint, Kentile and collage. Figures cast from life.

Pennies from Heaven, 1987
An installation of interference gold-painted body fragments and text about the feminization of poverty and trickle-down
economics. Handmade paper, acrylic paint, pennies, bubblegum and fabric. Figures cast from life.

Excess Assets, 1988
Thirteen rear-ends on a black movie screen background with text, combining painted images of production stills
from the movie Wall Street, and stories and images gathered during the artist's work as a secretarial temp in the financial district.
Handmade paper, Tyvek™, acrylic paint, black gesso, pencil, notebooks; 30'l, 4'h, 12"d.

What is it that we refuse to see? 1997
Handmade paper figures created originally as part of a window installation for Artfronts in Philadelphia.
Figures cast from life.

On the Street, 1985 (photo documentation by Blaise Tobia)
One dozen gold-painted, cut-out figures were situated on the steps of Federal Hall National Monument,
Wall and Broad Streets, NYC. Project sponsored by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.
Subtitled "A Lesson in Social Stratification," the installation demonstrated the hierarchy of economic classes
that intersect in the financial district. Wood, gold enamel, concrete blocks and mixed-media.
Standing male figures, 7'h; sitting female figures, 3.5'h.

catalogue essay by Judd Tully for the 1988 exhibition "Insider Information"

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